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analysis, commentary & near-prophetic predictions from the fangirl perspective

Chaos in General
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News analysis, commentary, and near-prophetic predictions from the fangirl perspective
Chaos in General started after Caroline and Mae became frustrated after our TV predictions kept coming true without having anything to show for our superiority. Since we've been fangirls for years and years (and fangirl friends for nearly as long), we've gotten pretty good at predicting the next step from our favorite shows. We'd probably go so far as to say we consider ourselves veritable experts on the subject. (Caroline counted more than fifty things in Mission: Impossible III identifying it as a JJ Abrams film.)

This site is truly a labor of love. We're not going to cover shows just because they're popular or just because they're Emmy-worthy. We won't be watching television like it's an assignment; we'll watch it because we'd be watching it anyway. We think we have pretty good taste in television, so we're going to blog about what makes us happy. Or what frustrates us about shows we expect better from.

We'll draw parallels between our favorites old-and-new, and chances are, we'll surmise that any high-concept show you're into right now stole that shit from The X-Files. (Not that that's necessarily a bad thing; Alias entertained us for five years committing out-and-out thievery.)

We'll share our knowledge of television producers, so you'll know who to avoid if you don't want your favorite character to get crushed under a helicopter or shipped off to the Congo. We'll also tell you about the writers we're obsessed with--when Caroline found out her favorite post-Sorkin West Wing writer (Debora Cahn) was transferring to Grey's Anatomy, she did a happy dance, and can now pick out her episodes by the banter alone. (She also just found out that Debora Cahn's mother-in-law is a professor at her University, and is considering switching majors to get more Grey's scoop. That's how dedicated she is.)

We'll also, of course, be discussing – at length – most every episode of our favorite shows, but we'll assume that if you're visiting this site to read our detailed commentary, you've probably already seen it, too. We won't bother you with recaps, we'll just provide you with striking wit and startlingly accurate predictions.

And now, your Chaos in General blog experience isn't limited to two disgruntled ex-ER fans with an axe to grind and an affinity for nerdy writer-producers. With new bloggers, new opinions, and expanded coverage of the airwaves, this year-old blog is taking TV coverage to the next level.