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(This is the first entry from our newest staff writer, Selina. Check out what she has to say and welcome her to the team!)

Hey everyone! I'm Selina and I'll be joining the girls here at Chaos, yay! I am a loyal follower of this blog but I noticed that no one is talking about Supernatural! Having recently started watching this show myself, I thought I'd do my part to rectify that a little bit and hopefully peak a few readers' interest in the best show you're not yet watching! In this post I'm going to introduce you to Supernatural, tell you why your reasons for not watching this show are completely unfounded, and then give you the top five reasons why you should give it a go!

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Why. So. Seriousss?

Considering the copious amount of television I watch and the variety of genres I enjoy, there is a number of popular TV series that I don't watch, that I've never even given a chance: some I just haven't gotten around to, like Bones (I know, scandalous!), and some I just don’t really feel like watching, for whatever reasons. It's very hypocritical of me considering how hard I judge those people who refuse to watch Lost, but really, we've all got those shows that we know nothing about except that we won't like them so why even bother giving them a try? Supernatural used to fall into the latter category for me, and I remember meeting my housemate for the first time last year – she was also a big Heroes fan see, and doesn’t watch Lost, so I was already skeptical of her taste – and smiling benignly at the Sam Winchester poster on her wall... and then doing a double take because next to that was a Dean Winchester poster, as in, "Omfg-it’s-Jensen-Ackles-from-Dark-Angel zomg I luuuuurve him!!11" (as I am pretty sure were my exact words). But I never gave it much thought beyond that, I just drooled a bit on her poster and left.

The thing about me, though? I’m a pleaser. I'm not even kidding, I really, desperately want people to like me. So after a while of me and my housemate not really clicking, despite both being real-life fangirls and her being the first person I’d ever met who actually used the words "flist" and "fanfiction" in sentences, I borrowed some Supernatural from her in the hopes that we’d have something to talk about. And also partially to avoid studying for my exam. Heh.

17 August 2009 @ 02:56 pm

It's finally mid-August, which means we're officially (give or take) five short weeks from the glorious start of yet another TV season. Spoilers are starting to slowly trickle out, but what's even more fun? Promos are finally airing again! Bones has already released several different variations promoting the September 17th premiere of it's fifth season, and, let's be honest - there's really not much else to do in response to them other than flail and squee.

Despite what all of us may or may not have felt about last season's shocking finale, it's looking as if season five is going to deliver exactly what's necessary to fix what's been broken. I personally really enjoyed the finale last season, but I was apathetic over almost every other episode that came before it. In my opinion, something needed to shift regardless of whether or not it was done to placate fans after the finale, and it's finally looking as though we're going to make some real progress.

Follow me behind the cut and we'll take a look at what's in store!

First of all, let me just say that I am not actually two days behind on the news. I was out of town and incapable of instantly blogging my glee over this news, but better late than never, right?

As most of you have probably already heard, "Scrubs" star (or ex-star, I suppose) Sarah Chalke is officially pregnant.

Now, not only am I bouncy with joy simply because of my love of celebrity babies, but you have to admit -- the timing of this is absurdly perfect. Even though Chalke isn't officially part of the "Scrubs" cast anymore, she and Zach Braff (and others) are set to due several guest appearances during the remaining run of the show.

And maybe it's just me, but I personally think Chalke's new pregnancy just raised the bar for awesome guest spot appearance storylines so much higher.

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Back in February of 2005, TV Guide celebrated Valentine's Day by making a list of the 20 Hottest Kisses of All Time. We knew this list existed (mainly because Mae has never forgotten a JJ Abrams quote from it), but we hadn't really looked at it in years. A few days ago, Caroline and Mae got to talking about this list on Twitter with several other fangirls, and one opinion was resoundingly clear: that list sucks.

Completely unhappy with what TV Guide had done so many years ago, we decided to remedy the situation by creating a Top 20 list of our very own. We polled other TV fans and took in opinions on shows/pairings that aren't necessarily universally loved here at the blog, so we feel like we've managed to create a pretty objective list of the Real 20 Hottest Kisses of All Time. Take a look for yourselves and let us know if you agree!

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28 May 2009 @ 11:08 pm
Okay, okay, okay. I know I said nearly a week ago that I was going to write a Grey's blog about the finale, but... the thing is, I keep trying to come up with something intelligent or philosophical to say, and I just can't. Try as I might, I can't do it.

I was on the phone with Caroline last night and when this subject came up, this is what I told her: "I'm pretty sure that the way you feel about the Bones finale is more or less how I feel about the Grey's finale. I know there were tons of great things in the episode that I loved and thought were amazing (Alex/Izzie), but none of that matters to me because all my brain can think about is Post-it notes and how angry they make me."

But then news about George's fate was leaked, and I figured it was as good a reason as any to sit down and try to talk about the finale. I make you no promises that this will be insightful, but I'm pretty sure it will at least be an adventure in spiteful sarcasm and a lack of anger management.

Shall we? )
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Since TV season is good and over for all of our shows here on the blog, I wandered into the archives to see how far we've come. What's more, I was re-watching the season finale of Bones and was reminded that I should really go check "Booth calling her 'Bren'..." off of our OTP wish list.

I originally compiled the list on October 16th, 2008. Going back just now, it was thrilling to see how much I got to cross off because they had actually happened since then.

You should really go take a look: The Top 5 Tiny Wishes for Our Top 5 OTPs.

For the record, Jim/Pam and Jack/Kate really need to do better on fulfilling the wish list. Especially Jack/Kate. At least Jim/Pam bypassed the wish list altogether and gave their fans a surprise pregnancy instead. I can cut them some slack for that, wouldn't you say?

But seriously, it's way too much fun to see how well we did with our lists this year. Time to start compiling new wishes, kids! Let's get to it - we have so many new OTPs now, too, so leave us a comment with all the tiny wishes you'd most like to see for your fave couples next season!

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25 May 2009 @ 05:36 pm
As Caroline has already mentioned in her recent blogs and our podcast of live reactions to the season finale, the difference of opinion between she, Leigh and myself over the past week and a half has been pretty widespread. It took me about two minutes to decide that I loved the cliffhanger shock, though, and I've spent all this time since then sorting through lots of different speculations and predictions in my mind.

The initial course of brainstorming dealt with Booth actually having anterograde amnesia, having forgotten the past six - eight years of his life, and what that could mean for his relationship with Brennan and the show as a whole. It's still on my short list of possibilities, but then Hart Hanson started tweeting messages about alarm clocks and how the whole episode "wasn't a dream, wasn't a book" but actually, perhaps, "a meeting of two minds." That, coupled with the official Fox Network synopsis for the upcoming fifth season, has completely changed my thoughts on the game.

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Well, it's been over a week now since all of my season finales, and honestly I haven't blogged about any of them until now because it's taken me this long to even gather my thoughts. The problem has mainly been that, a week ago, a House blog would have consisted entirely of "A;HDGAGH;AAD;FGLKHAD I WIN!" whilst a Bones blog would have merely said "...wait, what?" My thoughts on Lost were along the lines of, "That was awesome! But wait, I still don't get it..." And then there's the Grey's Anatomy blog, which a week ago would have consisted of only three simple words: "Fuck that, Shonda."

However, it's a week later now and I believe I've managed to come up with a few more constructive things to say. I decided that it's time to sit down and really re-hash what's happened in my TV worlds over the past week - all four of the above-mentioned shows suffered game-changing elements and shockers (as well as some really cute - or really stupid, Shonda - celebratory moments) in their final hours - so now it's time to pick them apart, and tap into what it could all mean for the future.

And since it's been at the forefront of my fandom experience all season, we'll go ahead and start with House:

( Continue... )
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13 May 2009 @ 02:20 am
Latest entry from our staff writer, luciddreamer326:


Another season is wrapped and now many House fans are left reeling from last night's events. Under the cut are my own thoughts and ponderings, along with speculation as to where we fans can find ourselves and House next year.

Perhaps it is best to break this all down into categories. Without further adieu, let's begin:

( READ MORE... )
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08 May 2009 @ 09:19 pm
Last night, I went to the 10:15 showing of Star Trek. People in the lobby looked at me oddly a few times, and it wasn't until I got home nearly three and a half hours later that I realized why: I still had mascara under my eyes from the overwhelming amount of crying that I did right before I abandoned my TV and headed for the movie theater.

I've said it many times, although probably never here in a blog, but while Derek and Meredith are the guaranteed winning relationship of Grey's Anatomy (and I love them with all my heart), years spent watching the Alex/Izzie pairing slowly build have made them my OTP.

( Read More... )
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