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28 August 2009 @ 01:03 pm
House: This is Why I'm Hot  
Okay kids, we don't like to gloat about being right, but the time has come yet again.

(Wait, what? We don't like to gloat about being right? That's kind of the entire reason we created this blog in the first place.)

We'll get into how I am the queen of predictions (for today, at least) in just a minute. First, let's do a run-down of just how many times this specific "maybe-spoiler" has backfired in my face without my ever really giving up on it:

Last season, Jesse Spencer was on the red carpet - I think it was the People's Choice Awards, I can't honestly remember - and was asked if there were any plans to give Chase a juicy storyline in the near future. He stated that he didn't know any details because it probably wasn't happening until near the end of the season, but that the producers had promised him a story was in the works and that it involved - here's the keyword - euthanasia. I pushed it to the back of my mind, almost entirely expecting that it was another misleading "foiler" from the lips of that gorgeous man, but later in the season it all started making perfect sense again.

I predicted it as part of his end-of-season arc here, here, and here. Numerous times! Obviously, I was repeatedly proven wrong. I haven't been able to let it go, though, because it's just such a perfect plot for him. Especially since he's always claimed nonchalance about euthanasia and, oh yeah, was in a committed relationship (now marriage) with a woman who performed euthanasia in secret several years ago - which I doubt she's ever told him about. It's too delicious, okay? And I've always felt like it was far too good to simply be something Jesse Spencer made up as a joke. So every time it's felt fitting for an episode/arc involving Chase, I've predicted it there.

Turns out I was wrong, but not really. Therein lies the brilliance.

Today's news from Ausiello TV - and all the goings on about how much I pwned this plot - can be found after the cut:

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