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24 August 2009 @ 01:09 am
Fall Season 2009: Lie To Me  
(This entry was written by our long-lost staffer, Jen, back in action and ready to dive back into the game! We've missed Jen, we love Jen, and we think you should, too!)


Maybe you heard of the show; it carried itself through its 13 episode freshman season quietly, had a wee bit of help here and there from the FOX promotions department, and tried its best to make up for its mid-season start as a show that suddenly seemed a little like a copycat, and was thoroughly trounced in numbers by The Mentalist anyway.

But it you’ve been keeping an eye on the TV (and really, why wouldn’t you? Have you seen all the delicious pre-season commercials that have started?), you may have noticed that FOX is making more of an effort to support this little show and give it the attention it rightfully deserves. So if you’ve toyed with the idea of catching up or just adding it to the TiVo list this season, or if you’re already a Liar at heart (okay, I tried. Prepare to see Lie To Me Fan written out a lot), here’s what you need to know:

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